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My name is Rouzbeh and it's pronounced like Tuesday but with a "R" and "B" :). Born overseas and raised one part English and two parts Angeleno, I have stayed true to my childhood and continued travelling around the world while most recently spending a 2 year stint in New York City. Having been given such amazing opportunities to live in the two greatest cities in the world I am always grateful for what life can bring to somene who just puts forth the effort. Be open to life and life will be very generous so I am always willing to give back so feel free to head to the Contact section to drop me a line and I will get back to you ASAP.

As a mostly self taught developer and designer I acquired skills that traditional routes of education may not have given their students. Instead of focusing on one level of design or development I have been involved in all aspects from discovery and design to making those artifacts and elements come to life with using web standard HTML/CSS development while sprinkling in bits of magic a.k.a. jQuery. I currently use my hybrid skillset as a designer for Musicians Institute - College of Contemporary Music and have contributed to many projects for DIRECTV, Starbucks, Adidas, Neiman Marcus to mention a few.

Los Angeles Based Web Designer and Developer Rouzbeh Sarrafieh
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Musicians Institute Website

Musicians Institute - College of Contemporary Music
mi.edu A site I've been managing in my current position. Various aspects including graphics, layout, functionality and management have been modified by me or at my discretion with the help of a brilliant developer....View here

Experian Client Summit

Experian Client Summit - Development
Experian Client Summit is an annual conference held by Experian. I undertook the entire development of the project. Including all HTML, CSS, and jQuery functionality and included launching the site live...View here


Soundwagon - Design and Development
Soundwagon is a single product website that I designed and developed from the ground up for a unique little novelty toy. Having free reign on the discovery, design and development of the site was a great experience...View here


DIRECTV Media Query Email - Development
DIRECTV requested an email to be mobile optimized with media queries. I undertook the entire develpment by applying the latest responsive methods to older coding styles of using tables in emails for cross client compatability...View here

Grammy Program Ad

2014 Grammy Program Advertisement
A minimal poster I did for an advertisement in the 2014 Grammy Program booklet congratulating the foundations dedication to preserving recordings....View here

Asics Ad Mock

Asics Ad - Photoshop
Asics advertisement made entirely in photoshop with gradient mesh layers to achieve the paint flying off the shoes. To see more of this color matching paint flying goodness...View here
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I will get back to you ASAP! I promise.

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